Warm weather knitting...

So I normally start slacking off on my knitting about this time of year. And I kind of have recently. I'm only a 1/3 of the way through the second Harry Potter Jaywalker. I should just buckle down and finish it up but I'm a little bored by it so it's hard working up the gumption to get it done. I would work on another project but I'm not exactly sure what to knit for warmer weather. What do people work on when you don't need warm cozy knits to bundle up with? I'm stumped!

I could maybe make a leap and knit some sort of garment. Maybe a light weight top? I do want to knit some sort of shrug for my wedding but that involves buying yarn that isn't in the budget right now and won't be until next week. What to work on in the mean time? Does anyone have any fun warm weather patterns they like to knit? Please share! I'm in desperate need for ideas. Socks really won't cut it either since I won't be wearing them much until it gets cold again. My favorite thing about spring is NO SOCKS. Yay!

I guess I'll keep working on the jaywalker 2 rounds at a time until I finish it. Maybe sometime next month. Or the month after.