Finished Hederas

So I finished the first Hedera over a year ago (last August to be exact) and I wasn't quite in love with the pattern so I shelved the second sock unable to face all of those purls and knits and yos. But when I was trying to figure out what to make for Kevin's Mom for Christmas I found the first Hedera and decided that they would make a great present for Laura. The second sock went much quicker and more smoothly than the first. I'm not sure what made me dislike the pattern to begin with but it really wasn't so bad.

The sock on the left is the second sock and the sock on the right is the first. I can't remember if I blocked the first sock but the stitches on it seem much smoother and more even. I'll block them both to see if that makes them match a little better. Over all though they're nice and squishy and stretchy. Very comfortable socks and they're basically red sox blue so I hope Laura approves.


October knitting round up

So far in October I've knit the honey cowl, finished up a Koolhass, started a pair of thrummed mittens (1 down, 1 to go), knit up a quick baby hat for a friend's baby that should be making an appearance shortly and decided to finally knit the second sock from the Hedera pattern I started like...2 years ago? Whenever the winter Olympics were going on in Canada. Or was it summer Olympics? Who knows.

I've realized that honey cowl and thrummed mittens are the two patterns I've knit the most at 3 times  each. There's something about them that seem to appeal to people and I don't mind terribly knitting them multiple times, they're quick, easy and great for tv knitting. I decided I did need a break after finishing the first mitten this time around though and started working on that second Hedera sock again. Kevin's mom did ask for a pair of socks (or mittens!) so I decided that the Hederas could find a nice home with her at Christmas. And because I already have one done it won't take long to finish and I could probably still throw in another pair of mittens for her too since I'll probably have the time. I'm actually not even hating the pattern as much as I did when I made the first sock. I've become immune to the yos before purls. (That sounds like it should be a slogan on a tshirt or something! It could be a knitting solidarity thing, Yos before Bros! Ha!)

The present I'm most concerned about right now is Mom's Autumn Leaves stole. In theory it really shouldn't take that long to knit, it is knit with worsted weight after all but also it's a stole and quite a large one at that. I want to start on it no later than Thanksgiving so I can give myself at least a good month of knitting time on it before Christmas finally hits.

I sure have come a long way with my knitting since my first year of giving knitted gifts. I still cringe at some of those early scarves and too small hats. I kind of wish I could ask for all of those gifts back so I can rip them out and redo them. At least I can make up for it now with super awesome stuff that people actually ask for.  


Honeycowl the 3rd

Honeycowl the 3rd is finished now. I cast on last Saturday, realized I was knitting a mobius and recast on Sunday, cast off last night. It's in Malabrigo teal something or another. It is absolutely gorgeous and oh so cozy. I'm a little sad that I have to give it away but I think it will be appreciated by the recipient. I got a little bored with the pattern so I didn't make it a full 12 inches wide but the pattern is flexible and it's plenty wide and long enough to double up.

I think for my next project I want to knock out a quick baby knit this weekend. We have friends that have a baby due by the end of the month and I do like welcoming a new baby with a hand knit gift. After that I'll work on more thrummed mittens for Kevin's Mom and her friend and then I'll be starting on Mom's Autumn Leaves Stole. I'm certainly not lacking for projects to keep me busy until Christmas.



So I finally finished the Koolhass last night.

It's certainly a cute hat but it was a total pain in the ass to knit. I've decided I am not a fan of constant cable crosses at all so this will probably be the only time I knit this hat. It will probably get set aside to my christmas stock pile in case I need a present.

In other Christmas knitting related news, I will be making Mom an Autumn Leaves Stole and my MIL has requested another pair of Thrummed mittens for one of her co-workers to give as a gift. Slowly but surely I will make sure everyone in the South Shore area of MA will have thrummed mittens!

Manda has requested a teal honeycowl for her birthday so once that yarn comes in that will be my next project. In the meantime I'm finally working on the Noro Striped Scarf with Knit Picks Chroma. The Chroma is so soft and will make for a very cozy scarf. This will be my inbetween project to work on when I'm waiting on yarn like I am now. I still need to decide what I will knit for Laura for Christmas and I would like to work in a pair of socks for my niece Kaitlyn since Jessica hijacked the pair I was going to give to her. They might have to be ankle socks though, we'll see how long Autumn leaves takes.


Wedding Shawl

Here are a few pictures from my wedding of my wearing my Hanami. There's also a shot of Manda wearing her Something Lacey. It had to be pinned in the back to make it stay put. I'm glad I made it. It wound up being quite chilly on our wedding day and it was absolutely freezing during pictures! It was so nice to wear and I got loads of compliments on it so it made all those hours of knitting lace well worth it. :)


Cables without Needles

Assignment number 1. Learn to knit Koolhaas without the cable needle = Success. It still isn't fun, but it's much less annoying.

New Yarn from the honeymoon

My sock from the airplane has suffered a terrible fate. I tried picking up the stitches again but I'm awful at that when yarn overs and decreases are involved with a lace pattern. That combined with I wasn't taking great notes so I couldn't remembered where I was in the pattern I ripped it out to the toe. That sucked but it was just a project I was knitting just because. It wasn't meant for anybody so that made it suck less. I can go back to it later.

The sock wasn't the only project I had with me so I still had some airplane knitting. I've got a Koolhass going right now. It's kind of an annoying knit with the constant cable crosses. Today I'm giving myself the assignment of figuring out how to cable without a cable needle. Hopefully that will make it less annoying to knit.

My only knitting related souvenir I picked up was this yarn in Bruges.

It is Cashwool 150, 100% wool. Each ball is 50grams or about 150 meters. (164 yards) The yellow is a mustard yellow and the darker ball is a real dark burgundy/almost brown. I'm thinking together I could make a really cute color work hat or pair of mittens. Maybe something similar to this. I would say it might be a christmas gift but since it's the only yarn from my honeymoon I think whatever I make I will keep for myself.

Along with my learn to cable without cable needles assignment today I also need to start considering Christmas knitting. This year will definitely be the year someone gets a pair of glittens.