I'd like to state for the record that I seriously dislike starting a hat top down on DPNs. It's too damn fiddly. This Christopher hat has had about 3 false starts. Also, you can't try it on as you go top down. That's annoying.


helix done!

That's right my friends. A pair of finished helix socks done ahead of schedule.
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Helix Pictures

I know, I promised Helix pictures days ago, but you know I'm lazy. I'm sure you guys are used to it by now. I wasn't completely unproductive. I did work on the second sock and have made some good progress on it. I think I might even finish it before the end of the month. Can you guys imagine that? Me finishing pair of socks (plus a honey cowl!) in a month? That's just crazy talk!

A progress shot, plus what they look like in the book.

This one shows the color pretty well.

The yarn is Fiesta Baby Boom dyed for the Loopy Ewe. The color is called Spring Chill.  It was the free skein they sent to me with my Loopy Groopy package. I have to say, I'm a big fan. It knits wonderfully and the colors are pretty much all of my favorite colors ever.

So that's where the Helix socks are. Hopefully by next weekend I'll have a finished pair to show off.


Helix Sock

Helix Sock number 1 is finished. This was probably my easiest sock yet and I'm definitely getting the concept down more without having to refer to the pattern multiple times. It fits good and the yarn and pattern play well together and I can't wait to get sock 2 done. Pictures should come tomorrow when I have some decent light.


Honey Cowl V 2.0

Honey cowl V 2.0 is complete. Well...mostly complete. I still need to weave in the ends. But I did take pictures!

As I was working on it I wasn't sure how I felt about the color combos (Knit Pick's Chroma in Midwinter and Regency). I felt like there was a lot of grey and it was making it look kind of drab but after seeing the photo the blues, pinks and purples seem to come out a lot.

The chroma is soft and should be quite cozy to wear. There were knots in the yarn though in both skeins so that was a little annoying. I'm debating on blocking it to see if it will grow any. It seems smaller than my malabrigo honey cowl even though I used bigger yarn and the same number of cast on stitches.

Too bad it's going to be 60 all week so no real reason for the recipient to wear it for awhile! Hopefully we'll get one more small blast of winter before spring comes roaring in like a lion.


The problem with multitasking...

Knitting two projects at once is nice when one project is boring (Honey Cowl) and the other is not (Helix Sock). It breaks up the monotony. But it just makes both projects just go that much slower. Which is frustrating when there are about 15 other projects that I want to get started on like, right now. But both projects are coming along just fine. I'm hoping I'll have at least one of them finished by this weekend. I'm past the heel and working on decreasing the gusset stitches on the sock and the Honey cowl is about 2/3 of the way done. I think after Honey Cowl is done I'll cast on for Kevin's Christopher hat while working on the second Helix sock.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures to come this weekend.


Just a quick reminder

I started the Helix Socks from Brave New Knits on 1/30.

Also, now everyone at work wants a honey cowl. What did I do?!