Synesthesia pictures

Here are the pictures I promised and proof that I have indeed been knitting (sparingly, but still knitting).

I haven't decided if I want to go ahead and cast on for the second sock yet. I did find this pattern a little tedious after awhile. I don't think it helped that this yarn is closer to lace weight than fingering weight and takes FOREVER to work up into anything. I may go back to the blue socks I was working on during the Olympics for a change of pace.

The Citron is still living in the naughty corner. I think I just need to start over on it completely but the thought of frogging a couple hundred yards of lace weight yarn is really daunting. Ugh.


6 months to knit a sock?

That's a reasonable pace, right?

I finally finished my first Synesthesia sock. Pictures to come tomorrow when I have some natural light (I always finish when it gets dark!). I do my best knitting when binging on Dexter.



So after looking at my Citron a bit more closely, something definitely seems off on my section 5. I'm now at the point of either needing to rip out about 6-7 rows or just have two 'bunched' sections spaced a lot closer together than all of the other bunched sections. If I can't even manage to knit this simple shawl without screwing it up, there's no hope for me to do lace.

I do think Citron is going to hang out in the naughty pile for awhile and I'll bring out some of the socks I had been working on. That seems to be more my speed (and it's much less painful when I need to go back a few rows).