Knitting block

I'm having a knitting block. I've got two projects going right now. The Citron and some socks. I'm on a pause on the Citron right now until my knit picks options show up. I'm not enjoying knitting it on my denise needles so I want the smoother feel of the options and hopefully a thinner cable that will make my yarn catch less. I'm not feeling the socks right now. I kept casting on for different projects yesterday. I wanted a hat. Something quick and easy. I cast on for a ripley using my purple/green malabrigo worsted. Unfortunately it looked like dinosaur vomit. So I scrapped that. Then I cast on using my sandy cascade 220. But I think the needles are too big for the cascade and it looks too...airy. So then I worked on a hat from the boutique knits book I started like, ages ago. But that is just going too slow and I'm not making any progress there. I want some socks but I couldn't decide on a pattern. I want a hat, but I need the right sized needles. I want to work on my Citron but I need my new options.

I'm feeling so uninspired. Blah!

It's almost enough to make me miss the Peak Island.


  1. I feel your pain (somewhat). For my mittens I need size 5 dpns, which I have, but they're 7" long, and its too crazy, so I need to find/borrow shorter ones. For my hat, I need size 10 circular and dpns...which I also don't have. Boo hiss.

    You'll have to review your Options when you get them, I'm really curious!

  2. Ok, the Dinosaur vomit thing really cracked me up.

    Anyway, I feel for you on the knitpicks needles. Love them. The denise, not so much.

    Maybe it's time that you and knitting took a break? :)