Thrummed Mittens V 3.0

I finished up the second thrummed mitten this morning after taking a break to knit Hedera No. 2, start Mom's Autumn Leaves stole and read the Hunger Games (which BTW is excellent).

I knit the bulk of this mitten in 2 days. They're not terribly interesting to make but it goes quickly so making them repeatedly isn't so bad. I might try to knock out one more pair before Thanksgiving if I can get through Manda's present quickly enough. The yarn for her present finally came but I need to get some beads before I can start working on it.

So far progress on the Autumn Leaves stole has been going well. I'm through the first chart and it's simple and easy to follow. Definitely one of those 'looks way more complicated than it actually is' projects. I'm not even all that fussed about having to graft together two pieces. After knitting so many socks grafting is a piece of cake (though I STILL have to look up the steps and follow them, I just can't memorize the process). I like the color for it too. I went with a neutral cream yarn (Cascade 220 Heathers) and it will go with a lot so hopefully it will see a lot of use.

So far Christmas knitting 2011 is going well. Let's hope this trend continues.

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  1. The thrummed mittens look so cozy. Excellent for NYC winters.