The perils of urban knitting.

So Kevin and I went to Boston for a long weekend. Just a quick trip up to visit his family and see my friend Manda (and I didn't even get to see her in her scarf! Stupid warm weather!).

I decided to get in some urban knitting on my T ride into the city. I took the Citron since it's basic and straight stockinette right now. Things went swell until my needle came unscrewed a little from the cable and my stitches got caught in the thread. I tried getting it unstuck and screwed back in but there was a snag I had trouble getting loose. I was left with this mess once I got it all cleared up.

Honestly, I don't know what that is or how it happened. It almost looks like a stitch that was pulled super tight and now has a lot of slack on top. I'm concerned and worried this is going to cause a massive frogging of the Citron.


I'm swearing off urban knitting.

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  1. Urban knitting takes practice!

    I'm sorry I missed your tweet. I'm pretty close to 95 (if that's where you were). I woulda waved. :)