Citron Part fourhundredeleventymillion

Ok, I'm still working on the Citron. I'm up to section 5 now, so there really isn't much left to do, but now that I'm at like 400+ stitches (or something like that, I can't bear to count that high) it takes ages to do like one row. Even more so if it's a purl row. I keep screwing the pattern up too with the increases so I know my stitch count is off but I can't really be arsed to rip it out and fix it. Not when it takes like a half hour for me to do a row. It still looks more or less the same as the picture so I'm even less inclined to fix it.

I only get snatches of time here and there to knit so that's the only project I'm really working on right now. I pick it up during 24 and get a row or two done. Then maybe I'll take it outside for a few minutes when Kev is brewing on the weekend and work on a row. I'm the type that hates to put a project down midrow too so I usually only work on it when I know I have a decent chunk of free time.

I'm concerned about the size of it though. It still seems rather small even though I'm on section 5. My ball is getting small, but I've probably got 1 or 2 hundred yards left to work with so I can finish it but it may be tiny. I guess I'll finally get to try some blocking magic once it's done.

Hopefully once my class is done this semester I'll have more time to knit and be inspired. Though I am taking on a few spring time projects (scraping, cleaning and repainting the bathroom walls and ceiling) and starting a container garden for fresh herbs and vegetables.

So that's all I have going on now. Eventually, one day, maybe, this Citron will get finished. It does discourage me a bit from thinking about tackling a larger shawl. Maybe I am meant to stick with just sock knitting.

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  1. It will end, I promise.

    I had the same dubiousness about my citron's size, but I hear it can be blocked out quite big.

    I haven't done it yet (my citron is really the size of a neckwarmer right now) but it's on the list of things to reblock when I get a chance.

    Anyway, larger shawl projects are sometimes easier if they're lace because lace knits much faster once you memorize the repeats. Or at least that's what I find.