Totally not knitting related....

But I don't think you guys will mind.

What's been going on you ask? Why have you been too busy to knit? Why are their no updates on that one sock you've been working on since like January?

Well, to answer your questions, I will post a picture.

Meet Gracie.

She's my new kitten!

Kevin and I adopted her this past weekend from the local SPCA shelter.

She's 3 months old and enjoys running around the house like a bat out of hell, playing with the dangling rope toy, pestering Jack and Mischief into being friends and taking turns sleeping on mine and Kevin's heads at night.

She also is fascinated by my knitting and has taken to trying to "help" me with the yarn when I'm working. This slows me down significantly (and it's not like I'm very fast to begin with!).

We're not completely settled on the name Gracie. It's the name she came with from the shelter. We're contemplating other options but haven't decided what we like best yet. It's between Willow, Neko, and V(iolet) right now. (Her face looks like the Guy Fawks mask from V for Vendetta) Or we could just keep it as Gracie. We'll see.

So I hope you can forgive my lack of knitting updates (and book updates. Kittens are much cuter than books.). Enjoy the pictures!:)


  1. She's adorable! What a cutie pie. :)

  2. She's so cute! Glad you got yourself another kitty. :)

  3. Your kitty is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!

    Having a cat named Spike makes me partial to the name Willow (hee), but I like Gracie too.

  4. So cute, it makes me want a kitten. There is no judgement on the not knitting front, I haven't touched my last project in oh..about two months? I blame it on...lack of personal ambition. Also, the heat.

  5. I think the heat is a big part of the problem. I definitely slack off a lot during the summer on my fiber crafts. It doesn't help that it's been 90+ degrees in VA for like the past two weeks. With heat like that all I want to do is lay around and be a slug and try to stay cool.