Back into the swing of things...

Alright, so my brain has finally slowed down on Wedding Mode. We have a venue selected and I'm putting the deposit down on the photographer today. Those were the two things that mattered most to me so now that they're taken care of I can not obsess quite so much over wedding stuff. (though I do enjoy looking at pretty dresses!)

I picked up my Nutkin last night and finished off the toe but I have to say, I'm not very happy with it. I'll take pictures of it today when I get home and the lighting is better. It's a square looking toe and it's kind of gappy where I did the short row toe. And the 3 needle bind off just looks weird. I'll watch a few videos to see what may have went wrong but I think I'll knit the second sock and use the usual heel/toe method that I'm used to and then go back and fix the first sock. Overall I do like the sock, the body is nice and the pattern was easy to remember. I'm just not satisfied with the heel and toe.

Also, I'm considering knitting myself a cute little shrug for my wedding. It's in September but at the top of the mountain so I anticipate it getting chilly in the evening once the sun goes down. Right now the top contender is the Dream in Color shrug (ravelry link). If anyone else has any nice suggestions I'm all ears!


  1. That was fast! I'm impressed with how quickly you figured out the venue. :)

    I think a shrug is a great idea, but I'm at a loss for patterns. You could always start a rav thread...

  2. hey bailie - i didn't know you were a knitter - awesome, me too! definitely not as prolific as you though... i am thrown into a mild panic on seeing that you already have a wedding date/venue/photographer picked out, seeing as how i have nothing decided for mine, which is supposed to occur a few months before yours!! :-O good luck with planning! -anna