Ugly toes!

I realized I promised pictures of my ugly toes like...oh 5 days ago but I'm lazy so here they are now. I haven't fully decided exactly what I'm going to do about this sock yet. Knit sock two and figure out how to do it right then come back? Go ahead and rip this one up and redo it? Frogging still terrifies me a bit so I'm hesitant do jump right into it but one way or another it will need to be done. The toe on this thing is AWFUL. And the heel is holey. And not the good kind of holey either.

I haven't been completely unproductive. I did start a pair of thrummed mittens as my first Christmas project. I'm about halfway through the first mitten and it's coming along swimmingly. It is kind of hard to knit a mitten when it's still 80 degrees here in VA. Dude, seriously, the weather has no idea what it's doing anymore.

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  1. It's a little cooler in NYC, only 75 degrees...

    Anyway, no, the heel and toe of your sock aren't pretty. My personal philosophy is, if the mistakes are something I can live with, then I'll leave them. If they are something that will drive me bananas, then I'll go forth and frog.

    Don't be too scared about frogging. I promise, it isn't that bad. A glass of beer or wine first may help.