Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Y'all! I'm sure most of you are being good little knitters and already working on your first projects for the new year. I'm not. I'm sort of moseying along with a Jane hat I started for myself over Christmas but I'm not fond of how it's fitting right now. It's kind of tight and I'm struggling with the realization it needs to be ripped and done again. The brim took AGES to knit and I just don't want to do it again so I'm sort of ignoring it.

Other than that I'm currently waffling on what I want to do next. Before Christmas I had this crazy urge to do a Honey Cowl but I don't have the right yarn for that. I'm also pondering casting on my Citron again but then there are those socks that are languishing in some random project bag with no partners. And of course the house needs a good cleaning since I slacked off on that totally over the holidays and there are Christmas presents that still need to be put away and I need to drag my happy ass back to the gym again after taking the holidays off. While that didn't cause me to gain that fabled Holiday weight, I don't want my slack ass ways to come back and bite me in the ass. So all of that naturally eats into knitting time.

That brings me back to my original dilemma...what to knit? I'm uninspired by the Jane right now. The pattern is nice and the yarn is lovely but I think I burnt myself out on hats over Christmas. Same with mittens. That leaves socks and shawls/scarves. I'm kind of poor so clearly I should knit with yarn I have in my stash. None of that seems suitable for a Honey Cowl so that rules that out for now. There are those socks that need partners. Maybe I'll actually finish up my Nutkins and really learn how to do the short roe heel/toe. But then there's the Citron...You know what...f it. I'll start the sock. What's the point of having one sock laying around? You can't wear it by itself! That's just silly.

In other news, here are a few of my knitting related resolutions.
1.) Average at least 1 FO per month.
2.) Teach myself a new technique with each FO. Whether that be a new stitch, way to hold my needs, finishing, blocking or method (2 at a time circs for example). Just something that will improve my skill.
3.) Do some sort of big project. A shawl or a sweater or blanket. Something nice and big.
4.) Knit Christmas stockings for me and Kevin for our first Christmas as a married couple.
5.) Finish my friend's Chthulu that I've neglected since last Christmas. I'm a bad, bad friend.

We'll see how far along I get with these goals. The biggest problem I forsee is just avoiding that knitting rut I got into last year. Especially since I do have a wedding to plan this year (which I am still fastidiously procrastinating on). I have a feeling that might throw a kink into my plans somewhere around August-September.


  1. Think you need to knit an awesome dreadie tube/band. Yup .. it's a must-do. ;)
    Eggs for dreadie bands?

  2. I have something in mind that might work for your dreads. Do you have any color preferences?