Honey Cowl V 2.0

Honey cowl V 2.0 is complete. Well...mostly complete. I still need to weave in the ends. But I did take pictures!

As I was working on it I wasn't sure how I felt about the color combos (Knit Pick's Chroma in Midwinter and Regency). I felt like there was a lot of grey and it was making it look kind of drab but after seeing the photo the blues, pinks and purples seem to come out a lot.

The chroma is soft and should be quite cozy to wear. There were knots in the yarn though in both skeins so that was a little annoying. I'm debating on blocking it to see if it will grow any. It seems smaller than my malabrigo honey cowl even though I used bigger yarn and the same number of cast on stitches.

Too bad it's going to be 60 all week so no real reason for the recipient to wear it for awhile! Hopefully we'll get one more small blast of winter before spring comes roaring in like a lion.

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  1. Honey cowls grow like crazy when you wear them. I've discovered that the ones I made that were only 35 inches in diameter when I finished them are now like 42 inches. Yeah.

    Anyway, it looks really pretty! I like it. And glad to know that the chroma is soft.