Harry Potter Jaywalkers

So I finally got around to finishing my Harry Potter Jaywalkers. The pattern got kind of boring the second time around and I'm still not in love with the yarn so I didn't knit on them as often. I maybe picked them up once or twice a week and knit a few rounds here and there. But they are done. I did the second pair on a slightly smaller needle size so the second sock fits much better. I didn't bother lining the starting point of the yarn up so they're definitely fraternal twins.

The weather is warm now so it will be awhile before these guys see any use. Maybe by the time cool weather comes around I'll warm up to them a bit.

Now I need to find some small, warm weather appropriate projects to knock out to get my average back on track. Taking 2 months to knit a sock totally threw me off track for doing 1 project a month.

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