Wedding Inspiration

I've been contemplating the idea of knitting a shrug for myself for my wedding. Just a little something to wear after all the formal stuff was done to keep my arms warm once the sun goes down. I really liked the Dream in Color shrug but was iffy on if it was really what I wanted. Then last week I saw this post on the off beat price and absolutely fell in love with this bride's shawl. First of all, that blue is gorgeous! And second of all, that shawl doesn't look old ladyish at all (which is something that's held me back from knitting them before). Something like that would be absolutely perfect to wear for my wedding so yesterday I browsed around on ravelry for ideas. I came up with two shawls that I liked a lot that looked like they were within my capabilities.

I really like Ishbel and Haruni. I ordered yarn to go with each pattern, Dream in Color Absolute Magenta (in smooshy, not classy but the smooshy link is gone now) and Malabrigo MB Cuarzo. I haven't settled on which one I will knit with what yarn. I got purple because my bridesmaids will be wearing purple so that would match. But I don't want to be super matchy matchy so I got a crazy color too just in case I just decide to be an odd ball. I'm thinking the Haruni would just be the tits in that Magenta color. But could I actually buckle down and knit that thing by September? I'm sure a talented and disciplined knitter could knock that bad boy out in a matter of weeks but it'll probably take me from now until September and I might be finished with it if I'm lucky. Ishbel looks easier and probably a quicker knit but it doesn't quite have the wow factor that Haruni has.

In other knitting news, I'm working on a new pair of socks. I know, I know! They're like my comfort knitting. I can't think of anything else to knit so I always go back to socks (because really, knitting scarves and hats in May would just be silly). But these are cute little ankle socks that will be 1) quick to finish and 2) might actually see some use this summer. They are the Breeze socks from knitty. I started them yesterday and I've already turned the heel and started the gusset decreases! I like this whole 'not knitting a leg' thing with socks! I might actually have a sock by the end of the week.

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