Hanami Part Uh Oh

I've hit a hiccup with my Hanami. I'm out of yarn. And I'm not out of pattern. I didn't think that was possible with 1000 frigging yards of yarn. The pattern doesn't even call for 1000 yards of yarn! I thought I was safe! (And no, of course I didn't check my gauge. When have I ever had that much sense?)

This big pile of purple is my Hanami. Please ignore the terrible photo, I was lazy and took it with my phone.

This is how much yarn I have left.

And I've got most of chart F, all of chart G plus the ruffle boarder to finish. What do I do? Do I order more $36 yarn that may or may not match perfectly? Do I just say screw it and knit a few rows of garter and bind off? Do I rip it out? Is there absolutely anyway that I can manage to reknit this whole damn thing in the time I have left? I seriously doubt it.

The one  thing that is in my favor is that it's the cherry blossom end so other than being shorter there is no real noticeable difference of where the pattern ends so I could skip the rest of chart F but I probably still need chart G and the wavy border if I want it to look anything like the real thing. But if I just do garter and bind off it'll probably still look fine. It's not like the beginning of the shawl is perfect anyway.

So...what to do? What to do? I have no idea.


  1. It doesn't have to look like the 'real thing.' Its YOUR hanami. And you have total creative license!!! Being a cheapskate, I would just cast off at a suitable point in the pattern. Or just change to a different colour for the hell of it... But, that may not be the look you're going for. So, my general advice would be to evaluate if its possible to say, do the wavy border in a black or other nice colour, or just do the garter & cast off :)

    Hope it helps!

  2. I think you're right. If I really cared about it looking perfect and like the real thing I would've ripped out the beginning when I realized I had jacked it up and started over. But I'm lazy and really not much of a perfectionist and don't like ripping out a few hours worth of knitting for someone nobody but me will notice. I'm definitely leaning towards just throwing on a few rows of garter and calling it good.

  3. You can also knit the ruffle border in a different color. That would probably look lovely.

    Anyway, sounds like either your gauge was off, or you did a repeat a few too many times.

    All is well, and if you like the shawl, keep it as is!