Shawl Fever

So I had so much fun knitting Hanami I decided to cast on for another shawl straight away. I was browsing around ravelry's popular shawl/wrap patterns listing and stumbled across The Orchid Thief. It's quite pretty and conveniently enough I have the book Brave New Knits so it was a winner. I'm knitting it with the Dream In Color Smooshy in Absolute Magenta. This shawl is knitting up fast too! Coming from lace weight fingering weight feels like worsted to me right now. I'm through the first chart already and the pattern is really intuitive and fun. And so far it's the easiest to understand Ysolda pattern I've done yet.


  1. There are some major errata for this pattern. You should check out the Ysolda group on Ravelry for the most up-to-date corrections on the pattern.

    it is a GORGEOUS shawl. I can't wait to knit it. I have the yarn sitting right here.

  2. I noticed there are errata and I pulled that up and made the notes in my book where the problems are. I'll keep the Ysolda group pulled up though for when I get to chart 4. Sounds like the beginning of that is a real doozy.