New Yarn from the honeymoon

My sock from the airplane has suffered a terrible fate. I tried picking up the stitches again but I'm awful at that when yarn overs and decreases are involved with a lace pattern. That combined with I wasn't taking great notes so I couldn't remembered where I was in the pattern I ripped it out to the toe. That sucked but it was just a project I was knitting just because. It wasn't meant for anybody so that made it suck less. I can go back to it later.

The sock wasn't the only project I had with me so I still had some airplane knitting. I've got a Koolhass going right now. It's kind of an annoying knit with the constant cable crosses. Today I'm giving myself the assignment of figuring out how to cable without a cable needle. Hopefully that will make it less annoying to knit.

My only knitting related souvenir I picked up was this yarn in Bruges.

It is Cashwool 150, 100% wool. Each ball is 50grams or about 150 meters. (164 yards) The yellow is a mustard yellow and the darker ball is a real dark burgundy/almost brown. I'm thinking together I could make a really cute color work hat or pair of mittens. Maybe something similar to this. I would say it might be a christmas gift but since it's the only yarn from my honeymoon I think whatever I make I will keep for myself.

Along with my learn to cable without cable needles assignment today I also need to start considering Christmas knitting. This year will definitely be the year someone gets a pair of glittens.

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