So I finally finished the Koolhass last night.

It's certainly a cute hat but it was a total pain in the ass to knit. I've decided I am not a fan of constant cable crosses at all so this will probably be the only time I knit this hat. It will probably get set aside to my christmas stock pile in case I need a present.

In other Christmas knitting related news, I will be making Mom an Autumn Leaves Stole and my MIL has requested another pair of Thrummed mittens for one of her co-workers to give as a gift. Slowly but surely I will make sure everyone in the South Shore area of MA will have thrummed mittens!

Manda has requested a teal honeycowl for her birthday so once that yarn comes in that will be my next project. In the meantime I'm finally working on the Noro Striped Scarf with Knit Picks Chroma. The Chroma is so soft and will make for a very cozy scarf. This will be my inbetween project to work on when I'm waiting on yarn like I am now. I still need to decide what I will knit for Laura for Christmas and I would like to work in a pair of socks for my niece Kaitlyn since Jessica hijacked the pair I was going to give to her. They might have to be ankle socks though, we'll see how long Autumn leaves takes.

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