Finally finished a project!

Alright, I finally finished a project despite my winter blahs. I worked on the Thorpe yesterday afternoon so I could finally give it to my friend Mike after promising him an ear flap hat, oh, say 3 months ago? I was worried as I was making that it was going to be way too big. And the problem with knitting top down is you can't try the hat on as you go if you're using 16" circs.

It is a very easy and quick knit. I got a little confused towards the end when switching from working in a circle to going back and forth but I just worked through the pattern and it turned out ok. It took most of a ball of Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes bulky weight.

And of course there are pictures.

It was a wee bit too big on me so I was worried at first.

But no worries. It fits Mike just fine!

My only problem is now Kevin wants an earflap hat. He was totes jealous of Mike's hat. Arg!


  1. VERY AWESOME work Bailie!!! I love it!! I can't wait till I can start knitting hats. I'm very impressed, it looks fantastic. I love the shot of you with it on. Your too damn cute! :)

  2. There's nothing stopping you! You've been making scarves for awhile now. I know you can handle a hat. I can show you next time we come over if you want.:)