Just a quick progress update.

Guess what I'm still working on? Yup, that's right, Manda's Peak Island Hood Scarf. Yes, still. But I feel like I'm making some progress. I took some pictures just to show yes I am working on it!

I've got through the hood increases. Now I'm working on the length of the hood before doing the decreases and finishing the body.

I can tell it's going to be seriously warm and cozy. My Mom liked it and said "Oh you can make me one when you're finished!". Ha. Yeah, I laughed. I'm never doing an all seed stitch project ever again. I could perhaps see doing this one in straight garter stitch and just following the method for the hood increases. That would make it go by a lot faster. But now I've learned my lesson about seed stitch.

I've also picked up my poor neglected sock that I started before Christmas. I turned the heel and I am now decreasing the gusset. I'm only working on it when I can't handle the thought of another row in seed stitch, just as a monotony breaker.

I'm still loving how colorful this yarn is for a brown and can't wait to wear these socks.

So there you go! Sorry for not having much to update about, but I don't want to keep boring you guys with all the whining about seed stitch. I did want to post though so you wouldn't think I had ditched this blog for the food blog (seems as though my meals have been way more interesting than my knitting lately).


  1. Oh man... the peaks island hood is on my queue. Duly noted about the seed stitch.

    Out of curiosity, do you knit english or continental?

  2. so you haven't forgotten about me?! thank goodness ;)

  3. I love ysolda's designs, its exciting to see them created! That is a great brown for a sock I agree.