OMG y'all, you won't believe it! I finally finished my Hedera sock. It only took 7 months to complete! Unfortunately I don't really think I enjoyed the pattern that much over all and I'm not sure if I'm crazy about how it looks so I don't know if I will do the mate yet. I'm seriously considering doing a second Spring Forward pair because I love those socks and that pattern was wicked fun. Now that fall is creeping ever so closer my knitting mojo is finally coming back.

I did make a sad discovery though. My previous sock I finished, Synesthesia has a hole in it in the soul of the foot. I have no idea how to deal with that atm. Boo. :(

Pictures to come tomorrow when it's daylight and I can get some decent lighting.


  1. Darning! that's how you deal with it. :)

    I'm glad to see you're getting your knitting mojo back. And that you're posting again.

    Congrats on the sock!

  2. Yup, darning is your answer!! Congrats on the sock. And, if you don't want to make an identical mate, why not just make one you really like to go with it. Who says your socks have to match???