Short row heel?

So the Nutkins have something new that I haven't encountered yet. The short row heel. I'm following the pattern but I think I keep screwing up the yos on the purl rows. It kind of looks like a hot mess right now but I'll keep going with it and hope that it starts to make sense soon.

See, don't these stitches look so...wack?

I'm not sure how this technique is better than the usual way heels are done but I'll stick with it until the end just in case I wind up liking it more. I think the toe is going to be short row too so no grafting at the end! I was just finally getting the hang of that too.

I may actually get this sock done in the next week or so, which is like some sort of record for me and sock knitting. Nice.


  1. I'm not nearly brave enough to try the short row heel yet, but I did bookmark a nice looking tutorial: http://www.cosmicpluto.com/blog/as-promised-a-short-row-heel-tutorial/

    Haven't tried it out yet, though, so your mileage may vary. Good luck!

    Love the yarn color, by the way. So pretty!

  2. I got through the heel last night but it doesn't look nearly as nice as the heel in that tutorial. It's very loose and holey on the sides where all the knit 3 tog and sssp was happening. It may just be because it was my first time at the short row heel (my first pick up and knit heel didn't look all that great either). I'll definitely go back and reference this tutorial when I get to sock number 2!