So. That sock? I finished it. About goddamn time. Who knew it would take me WEEKS to knit one lil sock. Why did nobody warn me how long it takes to knit a sock? Seriously. WEEKS!

So here is the finished product. The heel on one side has some laddering. My kitchner stitch needs a lot of work. But it looks like a sock, it feels like a sock and it fits. Therefore, it is a sock.

Now, the question is. Do I knit the second sock the same exact way? Do I try a star toe with a gathered closure instead? Maybe a short row heel? Or do I knit it the same and try to perfect my skills? Orrr...do I just say fuck it and move on to something new? (Lace perhaps? Fancy socks?) Decisions!


  1. Ye gods! That is ALOT of stockinette stitch. Yowza.

    But congratulations on the completion of your first sock! That's awesome.

  2. It is but stockinette doesn't bother me that much. It was definitely a zone out project (minus the heel and toe). This is why I'm tempted to knit some other socks. I want pretty socks now that I know I can do it!