Newest Addition

I haven't been to my LYS in quite a while so I stopped by this afternoon on my lunch break to pick up some yarn to make some hats for a LJ friend's little girls (soon to come baby, and tot). She requested something in fall colors and this yarn is just perfect. It's got lovely shades of red, purple, brown and orange in it. And it was only $6 a hank for kettle dyed yarn. Not bad! Now on to the pictures.

I haven't settled on a pattern for a hat though. If anyone knows of a good pattern for little girls please feel free to toss it out there. I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Ooh, pretty yarn.

    I haven't yet knitted a hat, so I can't help you with the whole pattern thing.

    I guess I should work on that too. Sweaters and scarves (and one shawl) are pretty much my limit thus far.

  2. I like this one (of course, since I'll be making it myself), but its not free:


    I also thought this was super cute and pretty easy looking (and its a free pattern)-- but it involves knitting the band flat and then knitting the rest of the hat in the round, which seems like something I'd mess up completely (HAHA). Maybe you're much braver than me!:


  3. That first hat is really cute. I don't have the book that the pattern is in though.:( I'm working on the Fresh Pickled Baby hat for another friend right now and I like it but I've screwed up the decreases on the crown I think. Arg. That's the part I hate about hats and I ALWAYS screw it up. Grr.