Socks and disappointing revelations...

Spring Forward sock one is finished! After an eternity of knitting (aka, two weeks) I finally grafted my toe closed on my lunch break today. And as Tim Gunn would say "I'm concerned".  It is a little tight on my foot. It fits, but it's tight. I may or may not be able to block that out. I need a set of sock blockers first. Or at this point, just A sock blocker. Another thing that concerns me is they make my feet look fat and stubby. I have long narrow feet. How can they look so fat in these socks? Has anyone ever uttered the words "Do these socks make my feet look fat?" because I was totally thinking that when I was looking over the pictures.

Anyway, on to the pictures. You can judge for yourselves.

(You can kind of see the minor laddering I got between the two needles that I used to work the sole. Right in the middle of my foot.)

This is not a very good picture but I wanted to show off my holeless toe.

See?! My foot totally looks like chubby in this photo.

I love the pattern. I love the yarn. I'm just not sure if I love this sock on my foot. There's a distinct possibility that my Mom may get some socks as a Christmas gift this year...

Oh, and I finished one baby hat. This is the smallest of the hats that I need to make. I'm thinking the other hat I'm working on is gonna have to be ripped out. It just seems way too big for a 6 month old. Then again, I kept thinking this one was going to turn out too large and it seems appropriately baby sized.

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  1. i enjoy the socks a great deal, however the baby hat looks very... round, are babies heads that round? the red is great though! creates a really cool pattern