Christmas goodies!

I only got one knitting related gift this year, but it sure was a doozy. Kevin made me a yarn swift! I was so surprised by it and the thought that he actually made it for me it nearly unseated the kitchen aid stand mixer as top present this year. I still need a ball winder (which I plan on ordering if the stupid joann's website will ever take my gift card (so I guess that might be 2 knitting related presents)). I did wind up a ball by hand this morning just to give it a whirl and make sure it works ok. It does! It's a little slow at spinning, but that was probably more winding by hand than anything. Kev was really proud to see his little device in action as he had no idea how it was supposed to work.

Yarr, there be pictures behind this cut!

action shot!

and the finished result!

I can't wait to get a ball winder so I can finally make all of my yarn into yummy cakes!

(oh, also, I am now the proud owner of a nikon d3000. as soon as I figure out the learning curve with this badboy I'll be taking loads and loads of yarny pictures!)


  1. Yay! That is awesome.

    If the Joann site doesn't take your gift card, the knitpicks ball winder works beautifully and is only $20.

  2. That is a beautiful swift! A+! Also, I'm loving that yarn...*drool* ;D