So I really do give a Hoot...

I finished the left mitten last night. Well, mostly finished. Still need to do the thumb but that's on hold right now because the actual mitten is just...small. My hand fits into it, but my fingers have to curl a little and it's tight across my palm. It also just feels kind of flimsy and not very warm. Judging by the comments from others who have made these mittens it's not just me. The pattern just makes really small mittens. I know my Mom's hands are probably smaller than mine, but I'm not sure if they're so small that these mittens will work for her. I thought about blocking it out but again, I'm not sure how much that will help. So for now I'm going to push the pause button on that mitten and cast on again using slightly thicker yarn (yarn form baby hats v 1.0 and 2.0) and larger needles (size 9 since that's the only other larger size dpns that I currently own and am too poor to buy more until tomorrow and gosh darn it, I'm impatient). I'm not confident enough in my knitting math to try adapting the pattern by adding in stitches so I'm hoping this technique works and I get a larger mitten out of it. I'll also probably add in a few extra rows here and there just to make sure I get them long enough.

If that works then I'll either frog the first mitten or perhaps make it a gift for my niece Kaitlyn. (Do 13 year old girls have small hands? They probably do...right?)

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