I was two rows away from binding off Kevin's Marram. I decided to try it on. It was way too short. It came to the very top of my ears.


I ripped it up in frustration and it's going to sit in the naughty pile for awhile. Every time I knit a hat I feel like a complete failure. I am just incapable of knitting a hat in a correct size.



  1. I cannot tell you how many times I tried and failed at various projects before actually completing them.

    So far Liesl (2), Virginia (0)


    Anyway, yes, giving something away is a really good way to drive traffic to your blog and get comments. Well, comments other than mine and Havfaith anyway. :)

    I also comment obsessively on other people's blogs and some of them return the favor.

  2. I think my ears were burning... heh

    Trust me, we've all had projects go awry. I have a couple needing to be frogged right now. Try, try again. You'll get the hang of it and then you'll wonder how you ever thought it was difficult. =)

  3. Is there really a naughty pile of mis-knitted projects? That sounds like the beginning of a Neil Gaiman story or something...

  4. I think my biggest issue is the fact that I'm impatient! I need instant gratification so I get easily annoyed when I don't finish a project on the first try. I need to learn to be more of a process knitter and just enjoy the stitches.

    There is a pile of vaguely scary looking objects that I knit with no real idea of what I was doing that turned out really whack. I just haven't had the heard to frog them yet. Maybe I'll just let them start their own little island.

  5. I like the "naughty" pile idea! I feel your hat pain :(