Thanksgiving wrap up...

Just a quick post to keep Manda off my back about not posting (it's pub quiz night, no way I'll get around to taking pictures tonight!).

Thanksgiving was a wonderful holiday. Drove the grueling 12 hours to Norwell, MA to spend the holiday with Kevin's family. Even drug my Mom along for the trip. Things went quiet well. No major communication issues, even though Kevin's Grammie got on to his Mom for Not Telling Her Claudia Had An Accent! (Hello? Southwest Virginia?) Ate lots of turkey and pie. Did plenty of shopping.

I made it out to Windsor Button for the first time. (I had to resist the urge to visit Newbury Yarn when I spotted it next to Lush. I don't think the boys would've tolerated it.)  I let Manda pick out some yarn for her Christmas present that I'm knitting and I got myself two little hanks of Lorna's Laces in Clara's Garden and a hank of Malabrigo in a colorway similar to this. I meant to have them wound up into little cakes but forgot so they're currently in their weird little hank forms right now whimpering in the corner begging to be knit. I may take them over to the LYS (with those hanks from knit picks) to have them wound up this weekend. But that means I'll have to buy even more yarn because I'd just feel guilty having them wind yarn that I bought  from some other store! Such is life.

Not much progress has been made on my sock. I actually started knitting a hat on my vacation. I'm working on Marram for Kevin since I haven't knit him anything in ages. It's dark gray and gray and I like the pattern, even if I've f'd it up a bit where the rounds begin. And f'd it up even more on the decreases. But it still looks nice and he'll never know the difference. As long as it covers his ears (which is questionable at this point since we know how I suck at hat sizing) he'll be happy.

So yeah, pictures this weekend. I should have a finished hat and maybe some more yummy yarn!


  1. YAY! She's back. :)

    I am in shock that your LYS will wind yarn for you that you got from another store. A couple of the LYSes in NYC give me attitude when I ask them to wind yarn that I bought in the same store... argh.

  2. I've asked before if I could bring in yarn I've gotten online and they said I could, it's just like a $1 charge to wind it. And if I buy something while I'm there, everyone wins. Right?

    (Still hoping that I get my own swift/ball winder for Christmas though!)