Baby Knits

I've got a friend having a baby at the beginning of the year. I knew I wanted to knit up something for her for the baby, but it kept getting pushed aside for Christmas knitting. Well she invited us out to dinner last night so when I got up in the morning I decided I wanted to have something to give her since I only get to see her every few weeks and wanted to make sure she got something before the baby came. I cast on for the hat around 10:00am yesterday and around 5:15pm I finished up the last mitten. I was a knitting machine yesterday. Though I did manage to go to the gym and color my hair too. All in all,  a good Saturday.

The hat is Cabled Baby Hat and the mittens are just Baby Mitts. Anna might wind up being the recipient of all sorts of neat baby things in the future now that I know just how quick baby stuff is to knit. It's perfect for getting that instant gratification feeling and for getting a knitting fix when I'm not really interested in diving into something complicated or time consuming.


  1. Baby stuff is AWESOME! Love the hat and mitts you made.

    Baby sweaters also fly off the needles. Makes me happy.

  2. I have a friend due in April and have been wanting to make her some baby stuff! Its nice to hear it will be relatively painless ;) If you find any other cute patterns, please post. I love this hat, though. Super cute!