Minor Gripes

So I'm normally the type of knitter that hates screwing up. I'm not talking about minor things like stitch counting being off by one or two  since I can fudge that with making new stitches. Or even repeating a row too many. As long as it doesn't effect the over all look of the knitted item I leave it alone. But if there's an epic screw up like missing a pattern repeat or screwing up a heel gusset or anything that involved ripping out and starting over I usually just opt to throw the project into some dark corner and forget about it. I HATE do overs. It's strange, since I knit because I enjoy it you'd think that just reknitting the same project is the same as any other knitting but it's not. It just annoys me and makes me hate that project. I guess I'm more into the results rather than the process.

The point to this post is that I'm working on another pair of Bella's Mittens for one of my nieces (I don't like just giving gift cards as gifts so I'm knitting up some quick projects to add to the gift cards). I thought I was almost finished with my 2nd mitten last night. I had gotten as far as closing up the top and weaving in the ends and was ready to start the thumb. I tried it on just to make sure it fit and it was SHORT. Like a good two pattern repeats short. It was dwarf mitten compared to the first one. I have no idea how that happened or how I completely missed it when I was knitting it (and trying it on!). So I got annoyed and shoved it into my miscellaneous box of knitting and went to go wind up some yarn for the rest of my Christmas knitting.

I got through 3 skeins of cascade 220 (that's quickly becoming my go to worsted weight yarn, it's warm and comes in great colors and it's cheap!) and finally calmed down enough to look at the midget mitten again. I had to cheat and snip the top open because I couldn't figure out how to pull my yarn end out and then I had to rip back pretty much the entire hand to the thumb stitches after trying and failing to pick up my stitches 3 times without dropping any. I'm most of the way through the hand again, fortunately for me this is a super fast knit, but it still doesn't look completely right. I'm still not sure where I came up short so I'm adding an extra pattern repeat to make it long enough. If I'm unhappy with it after I finish it I might wind up keeping these for myself and just doing two hats cause I'll be damned if I'm going to reknit this stupid mitten a 3rd time. I'm not that dedicated.

I'm also trying to decide on what hat pattern I want to use. It'd be for a teenage girl. I don't think they're into berets but I could be wrong. I keep going back to the same patterns I've already done and it feels repetitive. I'm drawing a blank so I'm definitely open to suggestions. It needs to be for worsted weight and I've got 3 pretty bold colors to choose from.

In other news, I got my latest shipment yesterday from The Loopy Ewe and I'm an official Loopy Groupie. They sent me a neat little tote with a calendar,  some free yarn and a sock pattern! They're probably my favorite place to order yarn from and have definitely cemented themselves as my go to online yarn shop. I highly recommend them to anyone!


  1. Elegant and fun - rare combination! - this shawl is very warm knit hats for women and great to touch! 100% micro polyester.

  2. Nice to hear ya vent Bailie. :) Deep breathes, good beer, and good luck.