I'm on fire.

Seriously y'all, there's smoke comin' off my needles. Since my last update I've finished the Bella Mittens, a Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (in some luscious Malabrigo) and I'm halfway through Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat (and I just cast on for that hat today!). My hands are actually starting to cramp up a little from all this knitting. But Christmas is coming soon and there's no rest for the procrastinator.

I've decided to keep the mittens, and I know who the Star Crossed is going to, but I'm undecided on Hermione's hat. I was going to give it to Kev's Mom, but he made a fuss about how she asked for a matching hat for her mittens. I don't have enough yarn to do a matching hat, so I was doing a beige one that sort of goes with the roving I used for the thrum's in her mittens but now I have my doubts. I could order some more yarn to make the hat. But beige is a neutral and goes with anything... Thoughts? Stories? Good jokes?

If Hermione's hat doesn't go to Kev's Mom then I might give it to one of my nieces. It's cute, right? Teenage girls like Harry Potter, yeah? Anyway, I've enjoyed this knitting I've been getting done. It's nice to be motivated and inspired again. I did take some pictures but I'm not sure how many will get posted before Christmas. Can't be giving away too many secrets!


  1. Heck, you are on fire. I'm impressed!

  2. You are rocking it!! Way to go!
    So .. thoughts on the hat & mitten thing for Kevin's mom: do they absolutely HAVE to be matchy-matchy?? If not, then coordinating is just as good, if not better. Besides, if you give them together as a gift, then they automatically go together, correct? ;)
    I checked out the link for the Hermoine hat. SUPER cute, I absolutely love it. In fact, I think it really needs to go on dreads. :D