Can I gush for a moment?

I recently discovered the website the Loopy Ewe and instantly made a wishlist of all the yummy, gorgeous yarns I wanted to try. Friday was payday so I naturally decided to place an order for some Dream in Color Smooshy in Go Go Grassy. I got my yarn on MONDAY. AND they wound it into a cake for me at no charge. How awesome is that? They included a personal little note with my package and it was wrapped oh so carefully in tissue paper. The yarn is gorgeous. See, pictures!

I'm dying to knit with it already but I'm making myself finish the first pair of socks before jumping into something more complicated and ruining such a gorgeous yarn. I'm thinking Go Go Grassy will pair well with Sunday Swing Socks (it looks relatively simple for a beginner) or Spring Forward if I'm feeling adventurous.

I also picked up a skein of sock yarn at A Good Yarn this weekend while we were in Baltimore (watching the Red Sox kick a little Oriole ass). It's variegated and supposed to create a fair isle pattern when knit. It's in some sort of Mexican color way so I expect it will look like a fiesta on my feet!

I'm getting ahead of myself. I still haven't even finished my first sock yet. My god, socks are slow going. This is my progress so far. Just got to creating the heel flap. I had to rip out a few rows because the instructions were so totally wrong. It wasn't much work but it takes a long time to get a little way when knitting with such tiny yarn and needles!

But at least I am making progress!


  1. Out of curiousity, how are the 4" DPNs working out for you? I'm currently working on my first pair of socks as well, but am using 6" needles (not Knitpicks, but I do desperately want to order one of the Harmony sets!) I've been worried that if I get 4" the stitches will fall off! Are they staying on alright for you?

  2. So far they are working out ok. When I ordered them I didn't realize how TINY 4" really was so I was worried about stitches falling off too (I didn't want to order 6" cause I thought that might be overkill for a sock). I've been working the sock spread out over 4 DPNs and the 4" worked out perfectly for that, but when I moved the stitches for the heel it became a tight squeeze fitting 34 stitches onto 1 4" DPN (thus the stitch holders on it now, I didn't need them until this point). But so far I really do love the harmonies and may other the 6" set in the future for larger diameter projects.

  3. I might have to experiment with a set of non-Harmony 4" DPNs (and try 5 needles instead of 4) before I fully commit ;) I definitely want a set, it's just the size I can't settle on ;D Oh well, knitting experimentation is always fun!

    Best of luck on finishing your sock(s)!

  4. Wait! What? you're in Roanoke?

    Weird. I used to work in Roanoke, and my daughter was born there. Now I'm playing a mad (typically southern) one-sided game of "Who do I know that she knows?"

    Anyway, I've been hesitant to go to the Loopy Ewe website for fear of actually spending money. I keep hearing awesome things about it, but never actually visit it... stupid recession.

  5. Continuing the incredibly inefficient and very public mode of communication...

    I used to work for The Roanoker magazine (and various other publications under the Leisure Publishing umbrella) as a staff writer, and at various places in and around Blacksburg/Christiansburg, as that's where I lived.

    So if you know any Roanoker people, chances are, I know them too.