First project even and other recently finished projects

So I don't have much of what I've been knitting since I started. I gave quiet a bit away for Christmas presents last year (those poor folks!), but I do have my first ever knitting project.

It's a dish cloth, knitted with some sort of cotton (sugar and cream or something similar). As you can see I had no concept whatsoever of how the knit and purl rows worked together. For the life of me I could not figure out knitting every row made the bumps and alternating knit and purl make stockinette stitch. I also didn't bother weaving in my ends. It's a dish cloth, what does it matter?

And now on to something a bit more recent...

My third pair of Evangeline's. I still can't get them right, there are a few mistakes.

Something went wrong here but I can't figure out what...

This part bothers me. It seems too open. Are these ladders?

I really screwed the thumb up on the first glove but I managed to unravel it and fix it. I'm proud of myself, it was the first time I've ever frogged anything after binding it off. It's still a little holey where the thumb meets the glove but it does look much better.

I'm trying to make a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves with the same yarn (Berroco Alpaca, I need to get better at remembering my yarns or keeping the tags!) but I don't like the way it's coming out at all. The top is all wrong. I may be doing the picot bind off wrong but looking past that it still doesn't feel right. It's too...wooly. Too dark.

I think I may rip it out and maybe turn the left over Berroco into a hat to match the Evangeline's. I've yet to attempt any knitted hats since the first one I tried and failed miserably at the decreases.

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