Knitpicks and Adventures in Sockland

So yesterday I got the package I was anxiously waiting for. It was from knit picks and it contained a)two lovely yarns and b) a set of their harmony 4" dpns. I placed the order last week after having been bitten by the 'omg I want to knit socks!!' bug. (The yarn isn't for socks, I just liked the colors.)

I was like a little kid on Christmas, ripping open the package and feeling up the yarn and nuzzling my face in it. The pictures really don't do the colors justice at all. I got two balls of blue and two balls of a lovely sea green color. The green kept showing up as blue in every picture I took of it, but I promise, it's green.

The harmonies are beautiful. They are a wonder to knit with too. I was afraid that knitting with such tiny needles with teeny tiny fingering weight yarn would be a total PITA but the harmonies ensure that every stitch is a pleasure. The yarn slides easily, yet I have no fear of it slipping off the needles. The points are nice but not painfully sharp.

I immediately cast on for my first pair of socks, using Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting as my guide.

(as you can see the poor hat I had been working on was immediately discarded)

So far I've only done the 1" 1x1 ribbing and just started on the stockinette stitches. I will never, ever do 1x1 rib for a sock again. OMG, how tedious. I didn't swatch (I never do) but I'm casting on for the largest size women's sock, w/the recommended yarn/needle and just hoping for the best (like I said before, too impatient). I'm excited about my first sock, but I can tell it's going to take FOREVER to finish the first one (damn tiny yarn!). So expect plenty of progress pictures as the knitting comes along.

And, photos of the yarn. Not sure what will become of this yarn, but it's super soft so preferably something I'll wear close to my skin.

(seriously, it's green y'all)

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