Introductory Post

Welcome to Knitterwockey. My name is Bailie and I am a knitting n00b. Not a complete n00b, I've been knitting for around 9 or 10 months, but a n00b none the less. This blog is where I will hopefully track my progress and my journey from inexperienced novice to someone who can actually make pretty things. This is a hobby I plan on sticking with for a lifetime so I want a way to document the progress I make and skills I develop.

I'll be posting lots of pictures of WIPs and FOs and anything inbetween. I'll ask questions and plead for help (hopefully I'll gain some readers that will be able to guide me along my way) and maybe eventually be able to offer my own insights.

Currently I am at the 'fingerless gloves with lots of mistakes' level. I've done plenty of scarves and cowls, one hat, a couple of calorimetries and 3 pairs of Evangelines. Those have been my most ambitious projects to date.

I crochet as well. I actually started out as a crocheter first. My mom 'taught' me how (basically gave me a general idea and then I did it wrong until the internet fixed that) and I made plenty of scarves and hats and I'm halfway decent at it. But I felt lacking. I wanted sweaters and socks and a Calorimetry! That's why I wanted to knit. I went to my local LYS, had a basic introduction to knitting and purling, made an awfully ugly wash cloth and away I went!

I've recently (as of yesterday) acquired a book to help me fix the mistakes I make (I'm horrible at tinking!) and my big ambition right now is to learn how to knit socks. I bought a book on sock knitting and all I need now are my Harmony DPNS that are currently in route from Knit Picks and some sock yarn to get me started. Look for blog posts to come on that soon.

You can find me on ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/people/fizzestothetop . Please feel free to add me and offer any constructive advice! I welcome it!

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