FO Update

A few weeks ago I blogged about knitting Odessa. I finished it not long after that but did not get around to posting any pictures. Well, here is the finished result.

I didn't use beads because I didn't have beads and was too poor to buy them. Next time I make it I think I will do the beads, just to add a nice girly touch.

It's made out of the same yarn as the Evangeline's down below. Berroco Alpaca something or another. Apparently I had a ton of this stuff. I've made a purse, fingerless gloves and 2 hats with it. (Oddly enough, the other hat I made was the Divine Hat by Rheatheylia which I believe is the crocheted version of the Odessa.)

I screwed up my stitch count on the top as I was closing it up so it's a little jacked up but it's hardly noticeable and I'm rarely around people that are taller than me anyway. I think I've yet to complete a knitting project that doesn't have some sort of mistake in it. I just muddle through and keep going, I hate ripping back.

Speaking of mistakes, I'm still working on those damn socks. I did my heel flap but I kept losing count of my rows and every time I tried to count them I wound up getting different numbers. I think it wound up being a little too long but once again, I just muddled through and kept going. I probably picked up more stitches than necessary when turning the heel and the gusset decreases are slow going. I've realized it's going to take me a few weeks to finish both socks so to keep myself from going crazy I've started knitting the Sideways Grande Cloche from Boutique Knits to keep myself sane and to actually finish something in a reasonable amount of time. I'm a little nervous about it, it's my first hat worked sideways. I'm using the lovely Elegance Aegean from Knit Picks in one of my previous posts. It's going to look awesome with my new red hair. (I'm pretty sure I can only wear green hats now but that's ok because all of my hats are green!)

I plan on knocking this badboy out by this weekend so I'll have another FO to post. Now I just need to update my project page on ravelry. I'm way too unorganized to keep up with that.

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  1. You can definitely wear strong blues with that hair color. Although greens really are particularly awesome. And I am very jealous, because no matter what my haircolor is, I look rather ill when I wear just about any shade of green. Sigh.