Brief Update...

Just a quick update so you won't be worried that some enterprising young zombie hunter has done me in.

Baby Hat # 2 (or 3? Who knows at this point) is at the halfway point (I think...). Should be able to wrap that one up by the end of the week. It will be similar to the baby hat I posted down below. Same yarn, but I'm doing a small version of Odessa since it is such a fun pattern to knit and the little girl that is getting it is rather stylish.

I also started on my thrummed mittens this week. (Right on time! Just like I planned! OMG!) The first mitt is moving along quite swimmingly! Worsted weight yarn and larger needles help it work up quickly. It's so Fluffy! and Squishy! It makes me wish I lived in some butt ass cold climate so I would have a reason to wear them. But alas it doesn't get so cold in Virginia. I'll have to knit some plain ol' mittens for myself. No smoosh for me!

I've recently been eyeing drop spindle kits on Etsy. I'd love to learn how to spin yarn, just to further my obsession a bit. But I'm making myself hold off for now as my knitting time is pretty limited between, work, homework, class and my boyfriend insisting on hanging out with friends every weekend. Maybe I'll buy one for myself closer to Christmas as a present to myself for getting all of my knitting presents done (or mostly done...or at least halfway done.)

And holy crap, I got nominated for some sort of blogger award. I will post on that soon, but gosh, way to make a total n00b feel good about herself!:)


  1. WHA? WHACHUMEAN it doesn't get that cold in VA?

    Oh wait... you're in Roanoke. I forgot, it's a HECK of a lot warmer there than in Blackburg (no joke). I remember driving from B'burg to Roaonoke for work. I'd drive out of, literally a solid foot of ice and 20 degree temperatures into a nice, balmy 35 degrees in Roanoke.

    And when I'd call in to work to say I wouldn't be there because of the weather, all the Roanokers would laugh at me, not realizing how bad it got where I was...

  2. Ha, it does get colder in B'burg than Roanoke. It makes me mad because if it snows it'll snow there but not in Roanoke. It gets cold enough here (lord knows I'll bitch about it), but not nearly cold enough to justify the thrums. It's November and it's supposed to get up to 70 this weekend! Jeez!