Slowly I am trying to work on this photography thing. Today I picked up some white posted boards to use as a back drop for my knitted items. I also got a lamp w/a nice natural light and dug out my tripod for my camera. It's not 100% better, but I'm getting there. I'd love to figure out how to make my background completely white like Eskimimi's projects. Unfortunately I don't have photoshop and I barely know how to work Paint.net. Here's my first effort.



There's only so much I can do the my point a shoot. Maybe one day I'll have a real camera to take pretty pictures with.


  1. Mmm... still better than the crap I can crank out on my own.

    I just enlisted my artist sister in law to photograph my work.

    Your photos look great!

  2. Your photos look quite lovely. I actually rather like the top one. I guess the blue tinge isn't intentional, but it looks appropriately 'icy' for such a warm looking pair of thrummed mittens!

    If you keep fiddling with your camera, you'll soon find the settings that work best for you. You don't need photoshop, I don't use it in my photographs unless it is REALLy dark.

    Just one thing I notice - it is actually better to use a single, curved piece of card for the backdrop - it eliminates shadows and makes the backdrop completely seamless. The second picture here shows what I mean: http://tinyurl.com/ykqdshb


    Mimi x