The second sock.

So the second sock seems to be moving along much faster than the first. I cast on my first sock around...10/13? 10/12? And was apparently working on the heel on 10/20. That's a week before getting to the heel. I cast on for the second sock on Saturday (11/7) and I started my heel flap last night  (11/11). That's only 5 days. I'll probably even finish the flap tonight and start working on the gusset decreases.

... or not. I just realized I have a test I need to take for my geography class by tomorrow. Aw crap.

Um so yeah, the sock knitting has been going swimmingly. Maybe I'll get back to it tomorrow after I fail miserably at that test.

***ETA*** Ok so maybe I did get some sock knitting done tonight. Finished the heel flap, turned it and picked up the gusset stitches. This bad boy is just flyin' on by.

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