I think it's official...

I've come to the realization that I am a sock knitter. You know, what of those crazy broads who has dozens of handknit socks and almost every WIP is a sock of some sort. I didn't think I would like socks that much while working on my first practice sock. I found it kind of tedious and annoying, but I really wanted a pretty pair of socks for myself. So I knit it and learned the basics and started on a real pair. I had fun knitting that pair. The pattern was easy yet interesting. But still, I thought 'oh, these are  just socks. I can't wait to knit a shawl!' I thought for sure my next project would be some sort of lace shawl or stole or scarf.

Nope. Once I pulled both socks on my feet and let the pride wash over me and basked in the glow of compliments I was hooked. I had hand knit socks and I wanted more.

I really wanted to start a new pair last night, but the only sock yarn I had on hand was some boring knit picks pallet and some fair isle striping yarn which would only work in stockinette. I didn't want to do just straight stockinette so I just worked on Thrummed Mitten #2 for a bit while watching Dexter.

Today I went to the LYS and picked up two skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca fine weight yarn. One in a lovely charcoal color and the other the color of...fall? It isn't really one color. It's many colors. Inside it looks kind of like a boring brown but once you get it out into some sunlight the magic happens. It's made out of yellow and purple and green and orange and red yarn. Absolutely gorgeous. And it shimmers.

See for yourselves...

(the blue is knitpicks gloss yarn in Winter Night. It arrived yesterday w/my sock blockers and I meant to take it to the LYS to have it wound up but totally forgot.)

As soon as I got home I snapped a few pictures while the sun was bright just to catch all the pretty colors. Then I sat down and cast on for a pair of Synesthesia socks using the fall yarn. The pattern is like the Spring Forward in that it's pretty simple, w/an easy to remember lace chart. It should make for good travel knitting this weekend while we're on the road to Boston for Thanksgiving. Hopefully by this time next week I'll at least have one more sock under my belt.

The gray yarn I think will become a pair of nice cable socks. Just need to find a pattern I like. The blue? Not sure yet. Maybe some Monkeys or Nutkins.

And that is my story. I am now officially a sock knitter. I think this means eventually I'm going to have to learn the two at a time method. Ugh.


  1. Haha, congrats! Knitting Beauty (who writes the blog with me) is a sock knitter, but she still does it one at a time with dpns, so I don't think its required for you to learn the two-at-a-time method ;) Though it can't hurt to experiment and see which you like better!

    I like the idea of being a sock knitter, but that last pair took me SO LONG that I'm afraid to start another. I might just stick with hats and live through you vicariously knitting purdy socks >:)

  2. I knit my first pair of socks years ago... out of acrylic Red Heart. heh I wasn't hooked. Decided at the beginning of this year that I'd knit my first pair of "real" socks (sock yarn). I LOVE my handknit socks! So fun and such a great small project to take along on the plane (I travel a lot). I won't way that's all I want to knit these days, but I do adore handknit socks and see many pairs in my future... Congrats on discovering the fun of sock knitting! BTW - have you tried toe-up?

    Oh, and I love the colors you chose! =)

  3. YAY!

    Congratulations. And the new yarn is gorgeous.

    Go buy yourself a ball winder from knitpicks to celebrate! :)

  4. Don't tempt me! I'm trying to save money for my trip to Boston (coughWindsorButtonscough). I just dropped like $30 on a tshirt and some soak wash at Ravelry!:)