I have....SOCKS! TWO of 'em!

Finished the toe on sock two, not 10 minutes ago! I kitchenered and pulled those bad boys on as fast as I could. They actually fit better than I thought before. Definitely well enough for me to keep them (sorry Manda). I'm pretty pleased with them and man, they are comfy.

Lots of pictures, just so I can compare and contrast between the two of them.

Sock One.

Sock Two.

Sock One Heel Gusset.

Sock Two Heel Gusset. I got noticeably better at picking up the stitches for the gusset on sock two.

Sock One Kitchener Toe. Had a weird ridge of purl bumps halfway through (after the tutorial video ended).

Sock Two Kitchener Toe. No weird purl bumps. Did it spot on this time.

Aw, don't they look so happy?

The only thing I would change if I do them again is to make them taller. They are a we bit on the short side. I have quite a bit of the yarn left over. Maybe enough for a pair of ankle socks?


  1. YAY! Congratulations! They look beautiful.

    I'm very excited for you. And a little jealous. Of course it would help if I got off my butt and actually knitted myself some socks, but you know...

  2. Jealous of me? I'm jealous of you and your Damson! I've yet to attempt anything like a shawl! I can't commit to such a large project. But I will, soon! Be careful with socks. Once you start it'll be hard to stop.

  3. Awesome awesome awesome! Beautiful socks m'dear! I'm not nearly brave enough to take pictures of my gussets and toes (especially since I keep failing so miserably at Kitchener stitch), so I'm doubly impressed ;)