I finally got to have a boring weekend in which I had no social obligations and no need to entertain my dear boyfriend. Therefore I got to do what I really wanted to do for the past several weekends when I had 'other' things to do. I got to knit like a fiend. I worked on two baby hats (finishing the one seen here, Baby Odessa), finished my mitten from the previous entry and started on my second sock finally.
This hat was intended for a 2 1/2 year old but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's just way too small and will wind up being for her little sister once she grows into it. The other baby hat I'm working on was confirmed to be the right size by the father (I'm a TERRIBLE judge at babyhead circumference) but I do not like how the decreases are going on it at all. I've kept working on it and then putting it down after a few rows. It's not looking the way it should and I think I may be interpreting the directions wrong. It says to K3, K2TOG, Con't to end of needle. Next needle K3, K2TOG, Con't on to next needle and so on and so forth. I read that as one decrease per needle but perhaps I should be doing k3 k2tog, k3, k2tog and so on? If anyone has any input, it's the Fresh Picked Baby Hat. I think I'm at the point of ripping it back to the beginning of the decreases and starting over. I just don't like the way it looks at all.

I am super happy with the way the mitten turned out. The thrumming thing is kind of a PITA, but it makes for an awful cozy mitten. They weren't lying when they said those bad boys are warm either! I had it on for less than 5 minutes last night and my hand was almost sweating. They should be quite serviceable for those wacky New England blizzards.


  1. I think the hat should go to grumpy bear, not the 2.5 yr old!

  2. The mitten looked so awesome.

    I like the baby hat! I have no idea how to judge babyhead circumference either. I stuck at it. Sigh...