Sock delimma...

So the first sock I finished is a little tight on my foot. I probably started my toe decreases a bit too early. I was knitting my second sock last night and I measured it against my first sock to and they were the same size (where the lace ended before the toe decreases started) and then I tried it on and it was still at least a half inch before needing toe decreases. Hmm...so I kept knitting on it but I'm worried about it being bigger than the first sock. Sure, it'll fit better, but then I'll have two different sized socks!

I'm wondering, will my socks get bigger once they are blocked? That could help with the fit. But if it doesn't then I'll either have to a) rip them out and reknit to the correct size or b) pass them along to someone with slightly smaller feet than me. I could just knit the second sock to the right size and then redo the first but I'm afraid of ripping it out and messing it up.

Ah, decisions decisions! Someone with smaller (size 8ish?) feet might just get  a nice present.


  1. hey bigfoot! i can haz sokz?

    (goodness that is annoying, i'll stop!)

  2. I am so scared of knitting socks. I have such major issues with fit anyway (just because my gauge is really weird) that I'm somewhat terrified to start...